Care and Support Statutory Guidance (Department of Health and Social Care). Individual chapters, taken from the Guidance, are provided below.

Care Act 2014

Adult Safeguarding


Care and Support Planning

Charging and Financial Assessment

Continuity of Care

Cross-Border Placements

Deferred Payment Agreements

Delegation of Local Authority Functions

Direct Payments Policy (Knowsley MBC)


Financial Information and Advice

Independent Advocacy

Information and Advice

Integration, Cooperation and Partnerships

Managing Provider Failure and Other Service Interruptions

Market Shaping and Commissioning of Adult Care and Support

Ordinary Residence

Personal Budgets

Preventing, Reducing or Delaying Needs

Prisons, Approved Premises and Bail Accommodation

Promoting Wellbeing

Protecting Property of Adults being Cared for away from Home, including Pets

Registers of Sight Impaired Adults and Disabled Adults

Review of Care and Support Plans

Safeguarding Adults Board and Safeguarding Responsibilities

Safeguarding Procedures for Responding in Individual Cases


Transition to Adult Care and Support

Key Principles in Adult Social Care


Annex A: Choice of Accommodation and Additional Payments

Annex B: Treatment of Capital

Annex C: Treatment of Income

Annex D: Recovery of Debts

Annex E: Deprivation of Assets

Annex F: Temporary and Short-Term Residents in Care Homes

Annex G: The Process for Managing Transfers of Care from Hospital for Patients with Care and Support Needs

Annex H: Ordinary Residence

Annex I: Repeals and Revocations

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