CQC Quality Statement

Theme 4 – Leadership: Learning, improvement and innovation 

We statement

We focus on continuous learning, innovation and improvement across our organisation and the local system. We encourage creative ways of delivering equality of experience, outcome and quality of life for people. We actively contribute to safe, effective practice and research.

Being professionally curious is essential to help identify abuse and neglect which isn’t always obvious. Asking questions, looking, listening, and reflecting on information received is vital to keep adults safe from abuse and neglect.

Professional curiosity is a reoccurring theme in Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) and Domestic Homicides Reviews (DHRs).  The purpose of reviews is to learn lessons and influence best practice. Lack of professional curiosity is highlighted locally and nationally as an area to develop.

KSAB’s 7-Minute Professional Curiosity Briefing has been updated to give practitioners practical tips, to help be professionally curious within your role.

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