May 2022

Welcome to this latest update of the Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) Portal for Knowsley Adult Social Care as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Message from Julie Moss, Executive Director, Health and Wellbeing:

Hello and welcome to the policy and procedures hub for Knowsley Adult Social Care.

We have been working during a time of significant change and transformation within our service and as a part of my ongoing commitment to supporting and improving the practice for frontline members of staff, I am pleased we have this online policy and procedure resource. Following the introduction of the Care Act 2014 and our service’s commitment to supporting an asset based approach, it is more important than ever that we have access to clear and easily accessible information to help some of our borough’s most vulnerable people make decisions for themselves.

The launch of this site is just the first step in our journey to agree and document all of our procedures. We have access to nationally agreed and Care Act compliant information straight away. In addition, where we have up to date documented procedures, we have included our local policies.

Over the coming months, we will be reviewing some of our local policies and they will be accessible from this library of information. The development and agreement of our policies is a collective effort, therefore if you are contacted to participate in their development, I encourage you to do so this will only strengthen the quality of the final product.

I hope that you find this a useful resource and support in developing your own knowledge and best practice.