6.1 Seven Minute Briefing Coercive Control

6.2 Seven Minute Briefing Making Safeguarding Personal

6.3 Seven Minute Briefing Mental Capacity Act

6.4 Multi Agency Risk Assessment Guidance (MARAM) (Click here for downloadable Word version)

6.5 Working with Adults with Hidden Disabilities

6.6 Workplace Harassment and Violence to Staff

6.7 North West Tissue Viability Nurses Poster

6.8 Mental Health, Housing and Financial Guide for Veterans (information only)

6.9 The Whole Family Approach

6.10 Working with Adults with Autism

6.11 Seven Minute Briefing: Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR)

6.12 Seven Minute Briefing: Identification and Brief Advice (alcohol misuse)

6.13 Working with People Living with Frailty

6.14 Working with People with Dementia