Welcome to the Knowsley Adults Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) site. This site has been written for staff in the adult social care directorate in Knowsley Council, but you are very welcome to access the information here.

The site is divided into two main areas:

You are welcome to read any of the chapters, but if you would like short summaries of key information we also provide Quick Reads and Audios; you can read the information or listen to the audio recordings. We regularly add new ones, so call back again to have a look at what is new.

We provide a Glossary, which is a list of key words and phrases used in adult social care. Hopefully this will help explain any terms you are not sure about.

There is a page called Using this APPP Portal which tells you how to find your way around the site.

It is an open access site so members of the public can view all of the information.

As well as this site, there is other related information for Knowsley citizens, including:

Thank you for visiting this site. We hope you find it useful.

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